"Autumn Leaves"

The article posted below has reminded me of "Autumn Leaves" sung by Yves Montand. It was in '60s when I got a record of that song. Having built an audio amplifier featuring a couple of 6BM8s, I listened to variety of musics. Different genres including chanson like this "Autumn Leaves". I was only a teenage boy attending a Jr. High in Tokyo and had never learned French. Without knowing what the song meant, I used to sing the song mimicing his French. I was surprised to see what it meant with this clip. How could a teenage boy sympathize with such a song of bitterness in life? Did it foresee my life?

Starting a story as if talking to his friends. Withoug making audience be aware of the transition, he moves spontaneously to the song of beautiful melody. What melancholy and nostalgia for the passed days are covering the entire song! It is a song tha a man remembers of the past with a girl friend who has been separated long time ago. It is comparable to remebering of own life. We fall in love with our own lives but it is going away soon.

I was so glad to see Montand in this clip again. In my teenage days, when I listened to this song at first, I have never thought of listening it again at this age feeling deeply nostalgic for those days.

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