Summer solstice coming soon

It will be the summer solstice soon. We are already in the rainy season, which lasts until mid or end of July. It will get more muggy day by day.

Vegetables are growing. Tomatoes are getting ripened now. Hopefully, they will be matured before they get harmed with much rain.

Kidney beans are blooming. They may yield many beans very soon.

In the garden in front of the house our parents used to live, there are numberous flowers coming out. 

Until the fall breeze starts blowing, it will be the time of struggle against weeds in the garden. Years ago, when he was alive, my father used to cut the growing weeds with a long handled mowing sickle. Making ticking sound with the sickle struck to the ground, he has quietly gone on doing that for a long time. Time has passed. It is my turn to do the same thing.

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