Attending a meeting against the bill of conspiracy law

After working in the garden farm, I left home for Tokyo. I was attending a meeting against the bill of conspiracy law in front of the Houses of Parliaments. I thought this conspiracy law would change our country from the rule by law to the rule of man. Actually, the prime minister and the government have already dictated our country with the former, which has been revealed with the recent scandals by the government. It will bring us the surveillance society since conspiracy is punished before any crime is conducted and conspiracy is investigated with such as wiretapping or internet surveillance. Our government has already obtained the surveillance program named XKeyscore from NSA of the US, which must be already in operation in Japan.

With darkness of night fallen on it, the illuminated Parliament Houses were standing out there. Dozens of policemen were keeping watch on the people joining the meeting. It was held by an NPO named Public for the Future, which announced there had been 4000 people in the meeting. Yelling slogans against the bill and the government were alternated with addresses by some guest speaker like members of parliaments and university professors. It seemed to be a regular meeting supported by the same members who carried own unique placards or some rhythm instruments. 

In an hour, having stood there all the way, I felt really tired. Considering of the time necessary to travel back home, I have quit there. I don't know what this behavior means for me. It might just be to confirm that I am really against this movement toward dictatorship against democracy. It has been half a century when I last joined such a political movement. It was a candle demonstration against Vietnamese war that time. Quiet walk holding a candle in the season of Christmas. Confirming where I stand on, I would do whatever I could do for the generation upcoming.       

On the way, I have looked around the station of Tokyo. It has undergone a drastic change except for the old building of the station. I haven't been there for decades.


  1. Congratulations on making a stand Shin. It is never too late. In Singapore there is no political discourse, which can be frustrating at times, and being so far from UK for so long makes me an outsider to their chaotic democracy. So I just hand around on the sidelines, which is not very effective.
    There is a strong movement for open government in Japan and I hope it succeeds.
    I just heard you on 40 with someone N6AI?? Not sure. You were strong.

    1. Hi John,

      It was exhausting me a lot. A kind of self satisfaction. It still deserved having joined it in Tokyo.

      Our prime minister is holding the power of three branches of the government now. In the draft of the constitutional reform, they are going to add the emergency provisions. What he is doing is just after Hitler of Nazis. It doesn't seem that the prewar nationalism would revive as soon as the constitution is reformed. But the era of secret surveillance community will start soon. Maybe, the police/government has already started surveillance of the internet with the application named XKeyscore given by NSA of the US. What society shall we leave for the next generation is the problem for us, even though most of the people seem not to take it as a serious problem.

      Was the result of recent election in UK a backlash of Brexit? I have least informations about it but am still concerned about it.

      It was Chris N8AI in TX who was operating K0NM's set up by remote control. We were talking about remote operation in the US.

      See you on the radio. The condition has been pretty good for the past few days.