Historical revisionists contemplating amendment of the constitution in Japan

With the ruling parties in Japan retaining a two-thirds of majority in the parliaments, which is the least requirement for the referendum of the constitutional revision, the prime minister Abe announced to revise it by 2020. By the end of this year, the ruling parties plan to make the draft of the reformed constitution.

It is to neglect the efforts of the research commission of constitution which has made discussions to achieve the nonpartisan agreement of this issue for the past years. Of course, it is too soon. Maybe, Abe would hasten it not to let the people consider of this important issue. He seems to take advantage of the majority in the parliaments at this time in order to realize the state system before the WWII, which he has pursued for years, even if it is anachronistic as well as against democracy. He believes in the system based on the state Shinto worshiping the Emperor. He won't accept the result of WWII and the SF Treaty with the US. 

Four points they would revise the constitution are already published. The biggest issue might be regarding the Japan Self Defense Force. They would add a clause to the 9th article of present constitution, which would relate the existence of JSDF. It may cause much debate since the 9th article declares non possessing military power. They have agreed it won't exclude possessing military power for self defense. The addition of that clause may mean emphasis of possessing military power and may lead to the military force. This argument may not be easily understood by non Japanese people. At least, under the regime of Abe, a historical revisionist, it is not advisable to add that clause.

Another point attracting my attention was regarding the provisions of emergency. As well known, it means the prime minister could deny, upon any situation he believes necessary for the public order in the society, the constitutionalism and the basic human rights. Yes, it is the article in Weimar Consitution by which Hitler has legislated the Enabling Act of 1933. The special rapporteurs of the UN have questioned of the freedom of the press and of privacy right with freedom of speech recently. The government has reacted violently as well as emotionally to their question, which reminds us of the time our government has resigned from the League of Nations before WWII.  

I don't believe our country would go on the same road even if the revision of the constitution would be succeeded as the ruling parties plan now. The national finances may collapse due to military expansion as well as to increased needs for social security for the aged under the circumstance of immense budget deficits. And the people are not accustomed with the military nationalism since we have lived war free period for 72 years already. One thing I could predict is that we would be in a huge mess, political and economical, in the near future if this revision is done.

I might have lived in too much peace in my life. The generation of my parents or of grandparents have experienced disastrous wars during their lives. It might be the time of war for us. We should get it through for the better lives of the next generation.

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