Starting walking again

The rainy season has gone away. The atmosphere has become so stable that the thunder storms won't come here in the evening often any longer. In stead, the burning heat makes me feel reluctant to work in the garden in the daytime now. I am becoming lazy at outdoor activities now.

I have spent a few days recording own performance of cello as video clip. It was mainly to check what was not good yet at performance. I have learned a lot from the video clip even though the audio quality of the camera is not satisfactory at all. There is often a big gap between the subjective and the objective. It has helped me to narrow the gap as much as possible.

Another finding from the video clipping was that I had become chubby! What an ugly figure there was! I have not been aware of the body weight so much while taking as much food as I want at home. It is not a problem of the outlook but could be a cause of chronic illnesses like daibetes for sure. The gardening has not been sufficient as good exercise. I have made up my mind to get out of lack of exercise as well as too much caloric intake.

For the first step, I have started walking at night. Both I and my wife used to take walk at night. But, owing to various reasons, we have given it up some time ago. My wife has been attending to a sport gym for exercising once or twice a week. I have not done any exercise or have not gone out for physical activities. Fortunately, we have good places to walk even at night.

Last night, it was muggy. No breeze at all. It seemed the air warmed up in the daytime still remained there. My wife was so tired that she did not want to go for walk. I went to the rice paddy area by myself. Quite dark. No one or no car was around there. A faint breeze was coming over the paddies. I have walked there for half an hour. I was worrying about my knees, which could be sore at long walk. Nothing painful. It was a cosy walk in the dark. I have recalled my aunt, who used to walk a lot. It was my intention to write about this lady of faith and will here. I have, however, wasted too much space here before starting with that topic. It was supposed to be preface to her story. I would preserve it for another post in the future.

Anyway, I would go on walking and dieting a bit from now.


  1. Please Shin, make a video (or audio mp3) of your cello playing and put it on this blog so that we can hear your beautiful music. Thanks.
    By the way, I also need to start walking again - every day - and also to lose at least 5 Kg.!
    73 de ZL2KE Steve

    1. Actually, I have already uploaded a few in youtube. So far, it is a confidential matter hi. Just for practise for myself. I would do that for publication in some time. Thanks for your concern anyway.