Re childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima

I have written about the children with thyroid cancer in Fukushima in the past post. Here.http://nuttycellist-unknown.blogspot.jp/2014/06/fifty-children-have-been-proved-to-have.html

I should correct it as well as add some more informations about them.

The authority of Fukushima Prefecture and of Fukushima Med Univ would not publish the percentage of the symptomatic cases. From the experience in Chrnobyl, those with remote metastasis or local invasion seem to be due to exposure to radioactive iodide. The authority says it is related with the patient's privacy, so that they could not publish the data. considering of the importance of the data, thsy should have published it. There is a growing suspicion that they might hide something from the public. The indication for the surgeries FMU staff have done for certain number of patients is questioned by the other researchers at present. They should reveal the data all the more for such a suspicion.

Some source, professional, says that, during the first 4 years after the accident in Chernobyl,  they have made screening for childhood thyroid cancer by palpation. No ultrasonogram. Thus it is most likely that the occurence of that cancer in children was underevaluated during the first 4 years. The cancer could occur earlier than 4 years since the exposure, that has been deemed as the incubation period of the disease. This means that the large number of thyroid cancer cases in Fukushima are not just occult tumor found by chance but overt one due to the exposure of radioactive iodide. This is another reason the authority in Fukushima should reveal the detailed data to the public.

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  1. Interesting Shin. I have read similar information earlier this year. Keep blogging (when you are not on CW, hi hi.) 73 de ZL2KE