Chris G4BUE

I have recently met Chris, of course from his home in UL, twice on 20m. It was early in the afternoon each time. As you know, 20m is the band activated at night in summer. His signal was coming through loud and clear in the daytime. It may be thanks to the condition or to his superb set up there.

Anyway, it has been almost 30 years since I knew him. He used to be a regular G guy coming through the long path on 40m at our sunset every fall. In adition to him, there used to be G3FXB, G3FXW and so forth. It was really a fascinating path opened for a while around our sunset. Chris was one of the sponsors as well as the only sponsor from G for FOC for me. I was puzzled not to be albe to get any sponsor from G. As Merle K6DC advised me, I told Chris I had known that my nomination would be expired soon. This expression was allowed since I did not ask him to sponsor me. What a delicate manner it was! Anyway, thanks to his sponsorship, I could be a member. Chris had worked hard as the secretary for, I guess, over 30 years for the club. He has been a big guy in the club. I am feeling thankful to him whenever I meet him on the radio. He might be the only sponsor for me, who is still alive. So every QSO with him means a lot to me.

During the QSO this afternoon, he has had a phone call, which kept him off the air for a minute or two. He explained he should bring his wife to a hospital. She has had a Holter ECG for a week. It was the time for her to attend to the hospital bringing the monitor. He told me it had not been anything serious to her. I suspected she might have arrhythmia or mild angina. Without explaining that, he went off quickly. I hope she won't turn out to have any serious problem.

His CW is always crisp and rhythmical. I always enjoy listening to his great fist. I would hear from him before he and his wife leave for Florida, his 2nd home, in Oct.


  1. When will you visit the US, Shin? Recently VK4CT and W7SE were in the area, returning from the ARRL Convention, and we had lunch at a local lunch place (in a gas station!) near Frank W3LPL's house. I will take you for a walk on the Appalachian Trail, as well!

    Also, in my quest to be louder without actually putting up any new antennas, I've been remotely operating Tree N6TR's K3 on 40m cw using my K3 and my paddle to send. I would like to compare my CW with what you heard on 15m from K4VV station.

    What is a good time to find you on 40m? In the morning (0900z) amazing for me to hear how loud Asian stations are on Tree's dipole! Of course, West Coast US is amazed how loud EU is here...

    73 John K3TN

    1. Hi John,

      I have never forgot my hope to visit Appalacian Mountains. Anbd your promise to take me for the trekking. In this Dec., at first, I am considering visiting Orlando for FOC gathering. Maybe, the trip to your area may follow that. But I don't know when it will be yet.

      I am on 40m around 09Z and 21Z. But, since there have been very few to make ordinary QSOs on 40m whatever time it might be, I am not very active there. At least, I call CQ for 2 or 3 times around those times. Look for me then from N6TR.

      I hope everything is well with you. Give my best regards to Carole.