A music for my funeral

In Face Book, a friend of mine, Leo JJ8KGZ, uploaded "Sanctus" from Requiem by Faure. A peaceful and heavenly music. This music is a candidate for my funeral music. The most right-wing music is, however, still this one. The last piece from Matthew's Passion by Bach. Isn't this suitable for the last moment of my life? Of course, Of course, I won't be compared to Jesus Christ at all. This music overwhelms everything in my life, pleasure, sadness, love, failure and anything I have had in my life. My life is relieved. I would be allowed to live in the phase of eternity.

This week end, a good and old friend of mine, Bob W6CYX, and his wife are attending at the Bach Festival in Carmel. The main theme this year, as he said, is this Passion.

I felt much closer to him years ago when he told me he had listened to this music conducted by Helmuth Rilling at the same Bach Festival. Matthew's Passion played in Tokyo by Stuttgart Bach Ensemble conducted by Rilling was one of the most striking concerts I had ever listened to in my school days. I don't know how Bob felt about that "crossing" by the same music and the same conductor between us at that time. For me, it was an unforgettable thing in our relationship.

This music is not sad at all. Beyond sadness, it sounds even brilliant. It lets us be relieved and rest to the extent we have never experienced in our lives.

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