Ume drink

Ume is a popular fruit in Japan, which is harvested at this time in a year. We have three ume trees that my father used to plant 25 years or so ago . After they pleased us with the beautiful flowers early in the spring every year, they bore hundreds of the fruit. We decided to cook them into alcohol drink this year.

This afternoon, together with my wife, I harvested two bagful ume from all of the ume trees here. For alcohol drink, they were washed and put into bottles with spirituous liquor and solid sugar. What bottle should we store it in? We recalled the big glass bottles which my father used to use for this drink when he was alive. There were such a few bottles found in the shed. Bringing a couple of them in our kitchen, we made ume drink in them. All we should do is to wait for several weeks until it would get ripe in the bottles. In a year, it would taste rich and fruity.

We found a label handwritten as 6 11 which might stand for Jun 11th. My father must has made the same drink and put it this bottle. It must be the same day in a year when he processed it as we did today. What a coincidence! We might be living in the same way in a sense as my parents used to. Only or already 20 years or so have passed since those days.

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