In 1954

I was born at this same place 64 years ago as we live right now. My aunt has started a small sanatorium for tuberculosis here around WWII period, when no antibiotics etc were available and most tuberculotic patients were destined to death. On belief in Christianity, she seemd to have found calling in this enterprise. She has built this facility at a lot her parents, that is, my grandparents had owned in a countryside.
There were a number of literally cottages for each patient among many pine trees. One of my first memories in my life was a hymn flown on a breeze through those trees. My aunt was organizing service every morning. She did everything for the patiens like preparing meals etc. A very poor community from the standpoint of material aspect. But it was full of spiritual pleasure, I believe.  
It was where my parents had met and married immdeiately after the war was over. They were blessed with three children, an elder sister, myself and a younger brother. Sister has become a nurse while brother and I have chosen the way to be doctors later. My parents have worked very hard as a nurse and a worker at this sanatorium.
One time, a newspaper has criticized her and this sanatolium in very impolite way. It was against the reality. Later, I have learned that mass media could report in sensationalism not based on the truth. It was the time when Streptomycin etc were in the market and could be given the patients with marvellous efficacy. My aunt decided to close down the sanatorium. Our parents have decided to move down to a suburb of Tokyo, where they found positions at hospitals.
This sanatorium was not conspicuous at all. It was just to have been with the dying patients. Some of them have come to believe in Chiristianity and have spent relieved and peaceful time for their last days. It doesn't need to be remembered. I won't boast of this facility or of my aunt. No wonder it is already forgotten and left in the darkness in the past. However, the memory of this place is still vividly alive in our minds. We, brother and sister, were not told to study for medical profession. But I am sure this experience of life in young days has lead us to what we are now. I still feel thankful to it.
Nowadays, I often recall of this poor but hopeful place. In our country, financial collapse is inevitable due to the national debt. The politicians won't care for that but still order them to issue more and more our currency. The bureaucrats are not getting ready for the possible collapse since they are not ordered to by the politicians. The greedy tops in the economic society are not taking responsibilities for what will happen at all. In several years, we should experience this kind of poverty again. Could we still be hopeful for the future as my aunt or parents used to be? We should be ready for this possible chaos. What should we aim at that time?  
This photo was taken at the sanatolium in 1954. In the front row, my sister and myself. I was 4 years old and was standing between my father's knees. My father was 34 years old. In a year or two, this sanatorium was closed. Our family has experienced an exodus to Tokyo. 


  1. Shin, thank you for the very touching story. I don't remember you saying much about that before. I would like to hear more about your sister and younger brother. Do they live near to you?

    1. Our bother is in Sendai working as a psychiatrist there. He has loved our mother so much. He is spending peaceful life with his wife there now. Sister is in Tokyo married with a veterinarian. She used to work as a nurse but seems to have retired for now. Now singing in solo and chorus occupy her mind. She volunteers singing at nursing facilities. Both of them are faithful christians while I am not! They are so ordinary people that I scarecely talked about them.

      Thanks for your kind comment.

  2. Shin San,

    I read this blog and it explains much of what you have told me about yourself already. However there is much more detail than I recall you have said to me before. It helps me to understand your childhood better. I am in agreement with a lot of your statements about money and politics. My father told me so many times that one day our spending here in this country would cause
    us to have another DEPRESSION, worse than the one he lived through. Just a note to let you know I do still look at your blog, but not as often as I should or as I have in the past. I heard you on 21.031 this morning
    calling CQ and working one station who was very weak to you but I could read him well here. My wife and I were engaged in a word game at the time and did not feel I should interrupt the game so I did not call you but I suspect my signal would not have been very strong either. Have a good day, I hope to go up into
    the mountains this week end for the ARRL Field Day contest and operate CW, so I may be able to chat on 40 meters if you are on the air on Sunday evening (my morning)!!! Thanks & 73' Bob Gates

    1. Hi Bob,

      My life was not, I believe, an exception as for the poverty and motivation after WWII. Especially, in a countryside like here. The generation of my parents have worked so hard and have achieved this wealthy life. But something important was forgotten.

      We have experienced economical recessions in almost 10 year interval in the postwar period. The most recent one was enormously serious since the main issue was the credit fault in the financial system. It is still going on. There are more than ten times of money circulating in the investment than that necessary for our lives. It is making the market so unstable and would collapse any country once she has a problem. ESpecially, developing countries could be victimized easily. It will complicate North-South problems. The entire world economy might be affected as well. In our country, such investing funds might trigger the collpase in the near future as well, i am afraid.

      Sorry for lengthy monologue. You have had a great father. He has taught everything, not only ham radio.

      Enjoy the FD this week end. I will catch you soon.

  3. Shin,

    You have a very interesting past. Some sadness but out of the sadness and hard work have come success that you have enjoyed in later years. A gift from your parents and from your Aunt.

    Jack WA7HJV

    1. Jack,

      Yes, we owe much to the generation of our parents. But I am afraid somtthing is wrong now. Maybe, we should go on living through the period of the problem from now, I am afraid.

      Thanks for the kind comment anyway.