Awakening from an addiction

Ham radio, especially QSOs by CW, involves many things. Equipments. antennas, keyers, paddles, logging soft, internet related softwares and so forth. So many aspects of enjoyment in radio. QSO style is another topic, of course. We are interested in every aspect of those things. We are always eager to brush up CW skills. There are a variety of opinions how to do that. What is important to a ham may be different from a person to another.

Recently, I have again reached a conclusion that QSO is from a person to another. I knew this idea as one of the opinions but haven't realized it as a truth yet. The ultimate goal is the other person I am talking to. It depends on him/her as well as on myself if a QSO comes to be fruitful and to be worth spending time in our lives. This must be so natural that they won't dare mention about it. Just keeping in mind.

I found it won't make me happy if I should make dozens of QSOs if it doesn't deserve spending the time. Looking for a real pleasant QSO on bands, I used to spend a lot of hours for that. I believed it could be an addiction for radio. Quantitative extention of operation won't satisfy me at all. Quality pursuing is necessary to me. I have realized it now.

I would spend less time for radio and enjoy any QSOs worthwhile. This would be a policy of mine from now. And it is a question to me how to make a QSO worthwhile.


  1. Hi Shin-
    U mite find this YouTube interesting...
    Don N7EF

    1. Don,

      Thanks for the comment. I have ever watched that video clip before. It is amazing there are those children who play such instruments and organize an orchestra. But I wonder if anyone has produced a bit of this. The kids are too good at music. The woodwind instruments seem to be real good ones. Maybe, we should believe in their performance anyway. It lets us believe in the power of music. Thanks again, Don.

      This post is just a monologue for me. I have often adhered to any band until I get a call repeating CQ for even 30 minutes. I won't waste such a time any longer. But I still look forward a worthwhile QSO like one with you. See you soon.

  2. Rgr Shin, we noticed the same thing - the music tone quality sounded almost suspiciously too perfect to be coming from such simply-made instruments...
    Activity on the bands seems to be down, probably folks having other things to do when the summer wx is nice, 73 take care, Don N7EF