Much water has flowed...

Late last night, I met Jim W6YA on 20m. I haven't heard him for a while. He told me the conditions had not been very good and he had not heard any friends so much on the air. That was why he had not been so active recently. He has given me a good news as well, that is, he would be a grandfather very soon. I am sure babysitting will take his free time away from now.

He asked me if I had known a ham active in 1930s. It was Suzy J2IX. She has been one of the well known pioneers in ham radio in Japan those days. When I told him she might had gone QRT by '60s when I came on the radio, he let me know she came back as JH1WKS, maybe, in 1970s. She used to be located at a place in Tokyo pretty close to my mother med school. I wondered why he had those old QSLs since he started radio in 1950s by himself. His mail with those photos explained these cards had belonged to W6CUQ these days, later, K6ZO. Jim told me he enjoyed looking at those old cards.

On the photo, I could find a well known call as well, Taro J2GX, later JH1WIX. He used to be pretty active in 1980s. I have met him in Tokyo in a small JA FOC gathering. A kind and open hearted person. I still miss him. Jim has known Taro as well.

Yesterday, when I met another good friend of mine, Jack WA7HJV, who had found my old QSL card for a QSO back in 1967, he told me much water had flowed under the bridge. Yes, did it here as well. It is not a bad thing for us to be indulged in nostalgia from time to time.

PS:Jim W6YA let me know Suzy's call was not J2GX but J2IX. I have corrected it in this post as he told. When I googled about her, I knew she had taken over her brother's call when he abruptly died. His friends told her to get the ticket. Taro J2GX had taught her engineering etc fot the exam those days. The administrative office kindly offered her brother's call J1DN. Later, she got the well known J2IX.

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