A new deck

We have got a deck in front of the livingdining room. It is what my wife has wanted for years. The deck is told to be composed of synthetic resin. It contains wood chip components in it. So it is assured to be free from corrosion or ant problems etc. It surely looks good.
My wife may lay planters mainly of roses there. Maybe, we could have tea there as well.
The lawn seems pretty neat. But in a few weeks, without being cared for, it could become messy with weeds. It is the time now when I am supposed to work hard for the garden.


  1. I'm happy to know that you finally have the deck your wife wanted for years! It's also nice that the deck was built to be free from corrosion and ant problems, ensuring that you will enjoy having cups of tea with your wife there. And yes, roses would be a lovely addition to your outdoor space. Angelina Garcia

  2. Congratulations on getting the deck that you and your wife wanted! It looks great and I love that it's made of materials that aren't as prone to damage as a regular wood deck is. That said, do you guys plan on putting a cover over your deck? The open design looks good but a little shade isn't so bad either.Showtime Vinyl

  3. Decks are built so that the homeowners will get to enjoy some outdoor time. Your deck looks great and it's even greater that this is the deck your wife dreamt of having. Also, you're smart to invest in a sturdy deck. With proper handling and maintenance, you are sure to spend more quality time with your wife there. Good job!
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