A post to CWops reflector on Mar 12 2011

For a day after the earth quake, we had the power line outage here. No water supply as well. The lack of the life lines were not so bad as in the disastered area in Fukushima or Miyagi etc. It was, however, a night of fear and anxiety we had to spend. Nothing was foreseeable.

The day after, as soon as we had the power line recovered, I posted the message shown below to the CWops reflector. Even though written in primitive expression, it reflected my mind accurately at that time. For a record, I would put it here in this blog. It took me a week or so before I got out of a kind of apathy or depression. It might have been a mild case of posttraumatic syndrome. I have faced to a drastic change of the paradigm for our lives at that time.

From the reflector of CWops on Mar 12 2011;

Hi all,

We just got out of the power outage right now. No water supply. No foods sold.
But this area, 80km north of Tokyo, has spared real serious damages. Noone was
hurt. Some damages to house items only.

As someone told, in JA7 area, north of here, they have suffered so much
especially due to the Tsunami, which they say over 7m high. A whole town is said
to be destroyed by Tsunami. So far, more than 1000 people were killed or
missing. I am sure much more will be lost.

The melt down of nuclear plant in Fukushima Pref is a real terrible event. I am
afraid our government has been aware of this possibility before. Our prime
minister has mentioned of the nuclear plant problem in his very 1st speech after
the quake occured. I really hope the pollution will be limited to the small area
and no one will be injured.

Personally, my old mother and a brother with his wife are in Sendai city, where
it caused much damage. No contact with them at all. It makes me worried much.

When I opened the e mail box, I found bunches of mails from friends abroad
asking me if I am OK. It touched me a lot. Please keep eyes and ears open to
those severely damaged by this disaster. I appreciate your concern toward me, my

Sorry for such a lengthy post. It may take me some time to set up the gears
which are all fallen down on the floor from the desk. But I will come back on
the air soon.


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