Happy Thanksgiving to you Gary and Leslie!

Gary, W5ZL, has been in the struggle against advanced stage of his colon cancer for several months. He and his wife, Leslie, have been quite positive for life. I have known him only for a couple of years or so on the air. Knowing his attitude toward life, I feel quite close to him. Of course, we share the same favorite thing, that is, communication through Morse code.

His latest post for the Thanksgiving season in his blog touches me again. He expresses his gratitude toward his medical staff, whom he has been treated with chemo by and has had hard time with. It is an ideal partnership between a patient and his medical staff that is hardly achivable at the scenes in the medical facilities. His sensitivity as well as flexibility to the surrounding people, I believe, makes this relationship possible. As not only a man involved in medical service but also a human with the same pleasure, anxiety and fear for living, I appreciate his attitude to the medical staff.

Here is his post;


Happy Thanksgiving, Gary and Leslie!

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