Late fall in our garden

At the age of 62 years, I am apt to think of things in the scale of the time left for my life. I still wonder if I have worked enough as a doctor. But there are some more things to do in my life.

One of those things is gardening. This year, the nuclear fallout possibility kept me inactive in gardening. My second son, seeing the garden this summer, has uttered that it was not so neat as usual at all. Yes, he was right. From next year, I would be active in the garden getting things arranged. It is to leave the garden for family who will take it over in the future. It is fun for me as well as a meaningful  project for the next generation.

The photos from above to below;
A maple tree in autumn color. The slightly ashy red color is conspicuous this fall. Maybe due to the sharply dropped temperature. Many weeds on the ground!
A magnolia tree changing colors. My mother used to love this tree.
Blossoms of chrysanthemum. They are lying on the ground without the supporting structures.

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