Until our 2nd son left home for his study in another university last year, we had asked a lady to prepare supper every plain week day for years. We owe much to her. Our children might recall her recipe as their "mother's taste" in the future.

Since then, I decided to prepare supper for my wife and myself everyday. It is sometimes difficult for me to get back home early enough to do that. But I still find it quite interesting to cook meals by myself. I am cooking only as the recipe tells. How efficiently I spend the time for each process depends on me. It requires an ability like that for an experiment in science. Cooking and eating meal together with family also make me feel deeply bound each other. It might be a hidden recollection that our ancestor has harvested crops or hunted animals for meal together with family members in old days. I feel I surely live together with my loving ones when I cook and take dishes together.

One of my latest dishes is shown below. Mackerel boiled with soybean paste and sake etc. Soybean paste brings out the rich taste of Mackerel. It is a typical home recipe in Japan at this time of a year.

If you are not cooking by yourself, I believe, you are missing one of the most delightful things in your lives.


  1. My wife and I do equally share the work of cooking for the family, she sticks to simple but tasty recipes and I do the more elaborate things. We discovered the wonderful properties of Miso a couple of years ago and now use it freely in our daily cooking. Our style is inspired by asian recipes, mostly from Japan, Thailand and India, suited to our taste and to what ingredients are available here in Germany. We do strictly follow a recipe if we do the cooking for the first time, after that we feel free to make variations according to taste and the availability of ingredients. Rice is becoming more and more popular over here but it will never replace the long time european favourite staple food, the potato. Bread is available in many variations, and I was surprised to see a growing number of bakeries in Japan where you could buy good bread, inspired by french and german Baking goods. The famous german Baumkuchen was sold all over Tokyo :-)

  2. Hi Greg,

    You seem to be experienced as well as talented cook. Yes, male cook may be good at cooking complex recipe. We might enjoy the process of recipe itself like a scientific experiment.

    Someday, let's try our dishes each other.