The financial crisis

I was interested in the news of the demonstration in the Wall Street in NY. A thousand of people have been going on demonstration over there, as the news says. No detail of their claim etc was reported. But the fact it is the financial center of US where they are may mean that they are against the bank/investors as well as the government and its agencies.

There are so much amount of defective credits dispersed everywhere by the modern financial technologies. No one knows where and how much they are. It results in the shrinkage of the credit in US and the related countries. Despite that the US government is pouring a big amount of USD into the enterprises in financial crisis, it won't work out. The financial system acting up due to the shrinking credit in addition to the recession cycle seems responsible for the mess at present.

The drastic financial crisis cycle hurts the lives of those in the developing coutries as well as of those in retirement anywhere. We may need to look for a paradigm different from the market fundamentalism which is ruling US and the other developed countries.

Do I misunderstand the present situation of the mess? This issue seriously involves my life in retirement.

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