Accept it as it is.

I have repeatedly written that there used to be a number of old timers, mainly in the US, who were willing to work on CW with the beginners in the other parts of the world. Slowly and with much patience. A lot of beginners might feel that the window was open to the world for them. It was in 1960s for me. Whenever I watched 40m CW late in the afternoon or late at night, there were some old timers from the US on the band. They were never reluctant to let me join the round table or to start QSO with me.  Even though I was a real beginner as for the command of English as well as CW proficiency, they were patiently spending sometime with me. They were real elmers for me. I could remember a number of those people instantly with fond memories, like Ed WA6UNF, later, K6NB, Ralph WB6BFR or Ray WA6IVM and so forth.  I am sure there were a lot of newbies who enjoyed the QSOs with those old timers and were kicked to be good CW operators.

Nowadays, there are much less elmering old timers. I scarcely hear any long lasting chats or round tables on 40m when it is open to DX. It is only the contest style QSOs, or at best, the rubber stamps going on. I won't complain of this fact. This might be a trend in amateur ham radio activities nowadays. No one can do much for this change. But I just wonder what has brought forth it. And all we could foresee is losing the human aspect of CW communication in amateur ham radio.

The elmer-generation, that is, the retired people at present, might have spent the days of computer and internet evolution in the societies before they get retired. CW could be only a series of symbols for them. CW should be too slow to communicate with and has had too many uncertain factors as a communication method. They could use it as a tool of game. In games, it is not involved in anything human. Just competing the speed and the quatity of QSOs. The guy whom he/she is working with could be replaced to a software in such situation, I am afraid. In stead, they could communicate with the others by e mail without any uncertainty now. Those retired might have this type of past and present histories. I suspect this is the reason why the old fashioned elmers have gone away.

It might sound to have been repeatedly discussed again and again everywhere. For those remembering the good old days, with sigh and disappointment. No solution for this problem. Rather, it is not a problem we should do with but just a historical phenomenon. Whenever I fail finding anyone for a decent QSO on the air, I am feeling this way. Accept it as it is.

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