A snowy day

This morning, I found everything covered with snow. Not so much. Dry powder like snow of a few mm in thickness. Exactly, we have had the 1st snowfall for this winter yesterday, which was very small in amount and melted away in an hour or two. 

My wife hates driving on snowed street and left for work earlier than usual. Coming back home this evening, she told me it had snowed only in this city and it was dry when driving westward. This area is a kind of basin and is always cold in winter.

With rather high humidity associated with snowfall, it was felt not too chilly. Still cold outdoor. This is a scene of the forest south of here over a field. A lot of miscellaneous trees, deciduous or ever green, are growing there around a community center. They are all tinged white. This scenery is typical for this area 70 years ago when I was born. No houses around here but a lot of such trees surrounded the tuberculosis sanatorium where I was born. A kind of nostalgic view.

Our cat could not go for a walk like this with a lead. He has been confined to the utility almost all day. He is too mischievous when he is freed in the living dining room. Since my wife came home, he would enjoy some free time with her sometimes making her scream.


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