I met a guy who brought me back to good old '60s

A few days ago, I have met Don NI6A. It was an hour before our sunset. He told me we had had a QSO last fall, which was not hit by my PC log. Anyway, it was always good to see such a proficient CW operator as him.

Judging from his bio in QRZ. com, he seemed to be, at least, in late 70s of his age. He was originally from Chicago, where he had started radio as KN9OZM, later K9OZM, in fifties. In 60s, he has moved to the western side of the Bay Area. It looked like near to Oakland, where one of my elmers, Ed WA6UNF, later K6NB, used to live. To my inquiry if he knew of ED, he answered no. But he also told me he had heard of Ed from his friend, Jim, K6APW, whom Don is keeping a regular sked on 40m. Jim spoke well of Ed to him. Even with respect.

You know that has made me almost excited.  There was a guy who remembered of the good old days when we were enjoying a great round table across the Pacific Ocean on 40m in our sunset. The main gang were Ed and Trevor VK2NS. Unfortunately, both of them have gone SK. So have the other members like K6YN, K6PA etc. I have written about this group in the past. The only exception still alive, I thought, had been Kemp K7UQH, who are not active on the radio any longer.

There is still a person who might share good old memories of those days. That idea really pleased me. Don told me he would tell to Jim about me and my involvement with the group around Ed in sixties. I might have seen Jim those days.

It was when I became a freshman of a college in Tokyo. The school was always over around 2 PM in the beginning of the semester. I always rushed back home on train as soon as the class was over. I started listening the band with my home brew radio. The band had been so quiet as it was on the day of the QSO with Don. So exciting and pleasant to watch and to catch someone I could talk to with this tiny set up. It was one of such moments when I listened to QSOs of Ed and the gang in QRQ. I could not help resisting giving a break to him. He was kind enough to me, a beginner teenager in Japan. I was caught by a bug of CW ragchewing at that time. All thanks to Ed.

I am looking forward to hearing what Jim tell about that time in the next QSO. 


  1. A true commentary on the value of conversational CW. Lifelong friendships made though the beauty of sharing your thoughts and values with others.

    1. Thanks, Don. Sorry for belated response. I sometimes fail to read comments. You are quite right. And, sadly, the chance to confirm old friendships is being lost.

  2. Shin, did you and Jim (K6APW) ever get together after your QSO with Don? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sorry but I have never met either Don or Jim. Still looking for them.