A new compact car and a drive on it to a harbour

I have owned a couple of cars. One is a big one with 3500cc engine and hybrid system, which I have used for long drive such as that to Tokyo. The other was a small one of 1200cc engine, which I had used as a tansportation mean for short span such as shopping to a supermarket in the town. The small one was originally bought for our daughter when she was licensed for automobile over 10 years ago. It has been with us for that long time. we should have those cars checked up by the dealer every couple of years. It has become costly to maintain it for such check up etc. I have decided to exchange it to a new compace car now.

Having cleaned up the old small one, which had brought us many memories, pleasat or kind of sad, for the years, I went to the dealer to get a new one or rather to exchange it to that new one. The new one is one of the most compact cars available in the market. It has only 660cc with the power of 59HP.

I wondered if it had been of too much luxury to own two cars in my retirement. But I thought a compact one with good mileage may be good to live in this countryside. This is the one I thought most suitable for that purpose. The mileage is the best among all the cars available in the market except for the hybrid engine or electrical vehicles. 

I was concerned about how noisy it was. I was surprised in good sense that it sounded quite quiet, or more exactly, not too troublesome to drive. When running at high speed on high way etc, it sure sounded terrible with the road noise. But I scarcely would drive long way on high way. I was quite happy with this new car.

Today, it was too fine and warm to stay home. I decided to drive to the ocean coast. It takes roughly a couple of hours. Not bad driving except for the noise when driving on high ways. The best mileage read about 33km/l, which is equivalent to 70 to 75MPG!! Of course, financilally, it won't matter too much compared with the other compact cars. I still firmly believe our economy may suffer bad inflation in the coming years and it may be quite advantageous to my wallet then.

On the way to the coast, I have seen several gorgeous cherry trees of full blossoms. One of those is here;

It has been rather cool since the middle of March. The cherry blossoms seem to live longer than usual. Sipping green tea I got a convinience store there, I was looking at this cherry tree for some time.

Then, I arrived at the fishery market at a harbour. It is always so clouded on the week ends that it is quite difficult to park a car. It was not the case today since it was a week day.

The store was not clouded, either. The personnel wearing rubber apron has shouted vigorously to the customers like "This is a discount" etc.

I was wondering what piece I should buy. Tuna for sashimi? I have bought it in my last visit. I, as an amateur chef, could not cook any whole fish by myself. I have bought a bag of clams. 

It has turned out to be too much for us. I have given half of this clams in the bag to a friend of mine when came home. It was always good to see the scenary at the harbour. Have I written my hidden hope which won't come true? I have yearned living somewhere along the coast. Isn't it too nice to take walk on the beach everyday? 

On the way back home, driving on a high way, I had to put up with the terrible road noise on that car. Without it, I am quite happy with it. It may stay a good "foot" for my for the coming several years. 

I have cooked clam soup for the dinner today. My wife has enjoyed it very much.

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