A shocking scene at White House

It was a shocking video.

It has happened recently when our prime minister Abe and his wife arrived at the entrance to White House.

There were the president Trump and Melania waiting for them on a red carpet. Getting out of a car, the prime minister couple has greeted with the president couple.

They stood there to be taken for photos by the press. Abe and his wife stood out of the carpet left to the president couple on the carpet. A press person told Abe to get closer to the president standing at the center of the carpet. Abe and his wife tried to come closer to him.

It was when the president uttered "Stop!" in a low voice toward the prime minister. Our prime minister has understood that and has stopped getting on the red carpet. Without the president's clear as well as definite instruction to the prime minister, I would have thought it was just a coincidence that the prime minister couple was off the red carpet. But the president's instruction has told me that he would show the relationship between the US and Japan is not that of equality but a subordinate position of our country to the US.

There has been another event that supports my observation of the behaviour and its meaning of the US president. Whenever he visited our country, he never flew to Narita or Haneda but to Yokota US Base. Unlike the former presidents, he won't go through our immigration office at those airports formerly shown. I and the other people suspected the president and the US officials would tell to us and the world that Japan is subordinate to the US. In equal diplomatic relationship, the president of any foreign country should have entered to our country through the immigration office.

Our mass media won't question of this event. Most of the Japanese people won't realize this. But I am afraid the attitude of the US president would gradually destroy the relationship. Or is it in an subordinate or even slavery relationship of our country to the US? I am afraid this could bring the relationship to an unhappy and unwanted direcation.

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