Garden in the rainy season and the detente process in the Korean Peninsula

It is still in the middle of the rainy season even though a bit cooler than usual. If this cool wind coming from Kamchatka and Alietian islands, it may damage crops especially in the northern part of our country. It is called as Yamase, which has worried farmers in the area. The forecast says it will get quite hot very soon. And Yamase won't last too long. Crops might not be damaged.

Hydrangea are coming out in the garden as they always do in this season. They bloom at several places in the garden. Again, they have been a gift by my father.

I have sown seeds of Marie gold harvested last fall at many places in the garden. They are budding now and may bloom very soon. They last until the fall. 

I am moving the strawberry plants from the former farm to a new place in the garden. The extended runners are pretty strong and would be settled down any places. Hopefully, they would bear so many fruits as they used to at the former place.

I am on a process of harvesting potatoes. Pretty good ones. I have given some of them to friends of mine, including the violinist friend who used to live in Germany for study of the instrument for a few years and has enjoyed potatoes over there. Possibly with a bit of lager as well.  

By the way, the US vs NK summit in Singapore left skepticism about its result. President Trump seems to deal with the dictator of NK for reputation for the election while the dictator needed to negotiate for acknowledgement of their regime and possibly for economical support. Denuclearization and the detente in of the Korean Peninsula won't be an easy process. However, this first stem toward it. There have been any other choices than this agreement however unreliable and unconfident it may be. 

I am so pleased to have the news mentioned above for my friends in Korea. For example, Lee HL2DC living near to the DMZ who told me he won't refuge anywhere even if another war started between N and S Korea. The people in the peninsula have experienced too much agony during and since the war there. It is the time for them to start for union of the same people again. I have a few more friends whom I have known through ham radio for the past decades. I would pray for further progress of detente process over there. It is a prayer for the real friends living there.

So far, I am not very active on the air. Something has changed in my mind. Even though I have craved for radio for years, I won't feel that way any longer. I don't know if it is a transient mood or a lasting change in my mind. Let's see. I would, however, spend an hour or so every few days. If you hear me somewhere, give me a buzz. 

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