Spring won't come here so soon.

These photos were taken a couple of days ago. 

Apple trees are budding for the first time after they were planted in the garden 3 years ago. Looking forward to seeing the elegant flowers soon and having the fruits thereafter. 

Japanese apricots are full of buds as well. They will bloom in a couple of weeks.

Those buds are ushering in the arrival of spring here. It is still amazing the seasons are going to change as scheduled even though it has been in a cold snap for the past several weeks.

I was concluding this way when I took these photos.

But, today, it turned to be like this.

Winter won't leave here easily yet. We might have snowfall for a few times for the coming several weeks. It will not be until March when we feel spring arriving here.

By that time, I would finish plowing soil etc and plant veggies in the end of March. 

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