Fall has advanced

Fall has advanced. Not too long before it starts being frosty in the morning. It is a question how the veggies like broccoli are ripened by that time.

This is a baby broccoli plant germinated a couple of weeks ago. Lovely as if an own child.

Cosmos flowers are fully blown. They are very sturdy grown from spontaneously flown seeds in the ground. In a sense, they could belong to wild weeds. On the other hand, mariegold is neatly coming out as planned. The seeds are being collected for the next season.

The other vegetable, again germinated some time ago, are growing. It is named sunny lettuce, akin to usual lettuce but not forming spherical shape. It will be in the dish of fresh salad every day.

Chinese cabage, bought as a baby plant at a store, will be good as a material of pot dish in the winter. This may tolerate the cold weather to some extent if it grows to certain size by then.

It is already mid fall here. One of the best seasons in a year. Treasure every moment when I could play and work in the garden. 


  1. Shin, off topic.... You may have heard that Kazuo Ishiguro has won the Nobel Prize for literature. I am a great fan of his. He has a new novel published which is set in Japan after WW2. I have not read it yet, but will soon. You may be interested.


    1. Hi John,

      This novelist is quite new to me. Reading review on his works, I would try to read him. They say his sensitivity is partly inherited from his parents, who were Japanese. I believe he has been educated and grown up in the UK society, so that the world he describes in his works are entirely that of the UK.

      There is a funny and a bit bitter story about this Nobel Prize. Our government has congratulated Ishiguro as a descendant of Japanese for being awarded Nobel Prize. On the other hand, they won't give any comment on ICAN, the NGO of The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which has given the Peace Nobel Prize, even though there are a few Japanese involved in this NGO. Of course, because the government has not concluded the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, which this NGO has proceeded. A double standard!

      I am concerned about the election going on here. This might determine if our country is lead toward to be a country which wage a war under the instruction of the US military, which has been spared by the Constitution as well as wisdom of the politicians in the past.

      See you soon, John.