Arrival of fall season

It is a real first fall day today. Crisp breeze is blowing over the trees of magnolia or zelkova. Persimmon trees bear fruits, some of which are getting colored. 

The soil on the ground has been wet throughout the last month. It was not very good for tomatoes. I hope the newly planted ones would yield some before it gets too cool.

The flowers are passing their best time. It will be the time for me to collect the seeds from marigold for the next year. As told before, persimmon and chestnuts will be ripened in a month or so.  

The sweet potatoes are growing thick at various places in the yard. 

It will be the fall with good weather and rich harvest soon. 


  1. To: JA1NUT SHIN: Dave here, W7MBR in Provo, Utah USA. The bands have been quite poor here in Utah and I haven't been too active either. I just wanted to say that we worry about our friends in Japan and South Korea hoping that you all will remain safe and well. That crazy man in NK is making it difficult and unsafe for so many. I also hope the US continues its restraint knowing full well what the consequences could be. I firmly believe that you people in both Japan and South Korea should have the last say in any decisions made on your continent. Peace to you my friend Shin. Dave W7MBR

    1. Hi Dave,

      It's been sometime since I heard you last time. I hope everything is going on well for you and your family.

      The brinkmanship diplomacy between NK and the US is surely a threat to all in the East Asia. However, I don't think there could be any military conflict or even a total war occuring soon.

      If there would be military conflict in the area, it could cause millions of victims mainly in the Korea peninsula. We, Japanese, won't avoid huge damages here as well. Except that such conflict occurs accidentally, the possibility of such conflict is pretty small so far.

      If such a war occurs, there could be serious problems left behind. How to feed the people in NK. How to do the military in NK, which counts up to ten million in total. Seeking the concession of the dirty businesses NK has been involved in for decades, there could be a war among military cliques, like in Iraq or Libia after their regimes have been ceased by the US. Millions of refugees would come into South Korea, China and even Japan. These issues would cause a world wide mess.

      If the leaders in the western countries are sane enough, I believe they won't commit the mistake to start a war here.

      But who knows? There are uncertainty in the countries involved in this issue. Our prime minister would utilize this crisis to rise the support rate, which has been dropped by his scandals.

      Oh, sorry for soap box to your comment. I appreciate your concern to us. Let's pray for a better and more stable world for the next generation. I am still pretty active on 40m around 08 to 09Z. Looking for you as before. Take care. I hope your wife and granddaughter are doing fine.