Russian roulette

North Korea and the US military are gambling Russian roulette. No one knows what will happen. Inhumane Kim regime in N Korea should be vanished. It should be, however, done with economical pressure.

Has armament export from N Korea to such as Iran or Malaysia been monitored and banned strictly? North Korean people have been sent for labor in foreign countries like Russia etc and been exploited badly there. There should be more things to do with N Korea before resorting to weapons.

The damage due to the war should be astronomically serious. S Korea and possibly our country may suffer so much as they could never recover. There will be millions of refugees from the peninsula of Korea to China or else where. I wonder if the US government has any exit plan from such a disastrous event. The East Asia should never be another Afghanistan or Iraq.

I have heard the US NSC has had more members from the military. I wonder if they are nor working for the military industrial complex. The US administration should be wiser.


  1. Shin. Have you ever seen economical pressure work. It takes a very long time to have an effect. The people in power never suffer, their lifestyle continues unabated. The working classes lose everything. Only if they challenge their own government will it work. And, the likelihood is that challenging their own government will also result in significant mortality. I am not suggesting that military intervention is the "only" answer, but economic pressure could actually backfire and cause a "knee jerk" reaction by their government to save face. Just a humble opinion.

  2. Don,

    I agree with you that the economic pressure requires much time and devastating effects on the ordinary people before it works on the people in the hegemony. However, comparing it with the military intervention to N Korea, it would cause less damages to this area. Remember in '84, in the Clinton administration, thinking to conduct preemptive strike to N Korea, they simulated the result, which showed too much damage and casualties in this area. At present, such a simulation must tell us much more damage and more refugees, which S Korea could not bear with and so do Japan/China. Military option should be reserved for the very last situation for such as the case of violent nuclear attack by N Korea.

    There are much room to do as the economic pressure to N Korea as written in the 2nd paragraph in this post. Strict banning of weapons from N Korea to the other parts of the world should be able to be done without any direct effect on the people's standard of living at once.

    Recently,NY Post or NY Times reported that when Trump declared to have deployed the airplane carrier Carl Vinson and the related naval ships to the sea near to N Korea, they were heading to Australia for a joint training with the Australian military. It makes us question if Trump was serious to make military pressure on N Korea. Are they making a fake operation? Or is the military top in the US judging the right choice by themselves?

    If military option should be chosen, I wonder if the US admin has any idea on the damages on the S Korea and Japan and how to do with the result. The East Asia woul be another Afghanistan or Iraq.

    I won't approve N Korea at all. We should consider how the OPLAN 5029 or 5055 has "threatened" N Korea and forced them to develop nuclear weapons. Of course, these operation plans were not the sole factor which drove N Korea into developing and possessing nuclear armaments. But the history of "threat" to N Korea should be reconsidered.