Military action won't bring forth any solution

I was shocked to see most people including Democrats in the US are approving the missile attack to Syria by Trump administration.

So far as I heard from news sources, Trump had let Russia know about their attack a few hours prior to the attack. Syrian government must have known of that through Russia.

I am very afraid, with this military action, Trump was intending to recover his approval rating which had hit record low. It seems like a show to me. Being convinced with the fact such show could work well for him, he might resort another military action at various places including North Korea.

Reportedly, Trump has decided to bomb Syria when he saw a TV news showing dead children due to the Sarin gas attack. Without verifying that it was executed by the Syrian government and having referred it to the UN, they have bombed Syria. It is a typical style of a populism politician. They would decide such a serious matter considering only its effect on the reputation by the people. They are always concerned about the emotional reaction of the people but not concerned about the truth. The US president has the biggest power in the world. It is really scary that he and his group like Steve Bannon have the switch for nuke attack.

It seems Northe Korea became a serious matter in the US since they have been armed with nuclear bomb and ICBM. The threat by N Korea has been present for years especially in South Korea or in Japan. The problem is that the allied military of S Korea and the US have publicly aiming at ceasing the Kim regime in N Korea. Of course, that regime has been awfully inhumane to the people and greedily dictating there. It should be ceased as soon as possible. But, I am sure, military action must cause too much disaster in the Eastern Asia. Strict economic pressure, including banning the export of arms to the other countries like Malaysia or to Iran should, be done in the international community. Threatening to N Korea by military forces won't solve the problem.

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