Apres Un Reve by Tortelier and Iwasaki

When I started playing cello in the med school days, I was fascinated by Tortelier playing Apres Un Reve. The accompaniment pianist was Shuku Iwasaki. It was a live recording at a concert. The refrain of the theme is often played in piano of the dynamics. Tortelier refrained, however, the theme passionately in forte. Even with accelerando. Iwasaki was an excellent accompaniment player. She followed him with really appropriate distance in timing. Not too close but not too far either. That accompanying style was quite important to have Tortelier's tension in performance going on livelily. 

I found a video clip of this combination playing that piece. 8'15" and thereafter in this recording. This is not what I listened to those days but still reminds me of that performance in live.     

One of the fondest memories in music those days.


  1. Very Beautiful Shin. I sure agree with you on music!

    1. Bob,

      Thanks for the comment. He plays it passionately. It peaks when the theme is refrained. And "After a dream" ensues. Really beautiful and moving one.