Today 6 years ago

Today 6 years ago, we have had that big earthquake in Tohoku and Kanto area, followed by the serious nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima. Nearly 20,000 people have been killed while about 2500 are still missing. More than 120,000 are still evacuated all around the country. 80,000 of them are gone from their homeland in Fukushima due to the nuclear power plant accident. A large portion of them should never return home. As told before, they have been socially killed losing their home, their neighbor community, their work and so forth. At temporary evacuation houses, more than 1200 evacuees have lost their lives. Some areas in the vicinity of the destroyed nuclear plant are released from the evacuation order by the government based on the estimated radiation of 20mSv per a year, which is only a criteria of the radiation limit for residential area immediately after the accident. Those returning to the post evacuation order areas will lose the right to have support from the public. The suicide rate especially of young people is getting higher in Fukushima while the other disaster areas have less rates than Fukusima.

From these abstract statistic data, however, we could not understand what pain and anxiety those sufferers have. Recalling spending nights at home without infrastructures like electricity, water or gas, we should do whatever we could do for them. We should go on protesting to the politics that the support from the government should be directly given to them, but not enriching only those constructors, university staff or those retired from the governmental offices.  

Researchers have warned we are now in the seismologically activated era around the Pan Pacific Volcano/Earthquake belt. The densely populated area of Tokyo is still highly probable to suffer from a big earthquake. All of the nuclear power plants scattered around our country should be abandoned since we learned any nuclear power plants could never spare a big earthquake in the near future. Seismologists predict such a disaster in Tokyo in the coming years. We should be ready for such a disaster and should cease nuclear power generation immediately.

It is the day 6 years ago today.

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