A hot pot dish with hand made meatballs

It is the last hot pot dish in this season. Meatball is available as a commercial item at super markets. I have made it by myself this time. Chicken meat was mixed with small amount of minched radish and japanese leek. Onion was added to keep it soft after being cooked. Seasoned with soy sauce/salt/pepper. It tastes better than ready made meatball. 

The soup is egg flip one. Seasoned with chinese chicken soup powder.

About half of the readers of this blog seem interested "only" in these dish articles so far as I have heard in QSOs.


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    1. Thanks,Ellen. Yes,it was! We have enjoyed them with our children at home. Oreo seems to be busy doing with the tax papers. What a great cat! See you on the radio again soon. Take care.