Mike W7LPV passed away in last Dec

I have accidentally talked to Tony W4FOA on Facebook a few days ago. I have known him through a good friend of mine Mike W7LPV. In short messages, he asked me if I had known Mike had passed away in last Dec. What a sad news! I haven't heard Mike for months and was wondering how he had been doing. I was going to ask Tony about him.

I have been talking to Mike through CW for many years, possibly for 15 years or longer. The span of our friendship is not long for me. Each QSO has always been made in the interval of months. But it won't matter.

In one of the earliest QSOs, he used to tell me he quit working in his late 30s of age and entered a graduate school in order to study philosophy. He wanted to study on an epistemological question; could we congnize any thing and how could it be done? I was impressed at his way of life. In the middle of his life, he has stopped to dwell on such a basic question of life. Very few people could do that. Most of us are losing ourselves in the routine of lives neglecting such a question as he has had. I thought he was a person who lived his own life in intellectual way.

In addition, he loved music. He has been a good pianist since young days. Whenever we met on the air, he always told me what piece he had practiced and where he would play it. He used to play piano at church and, later in his life, at hospice. Even after he had lost his wife, Karen, he was even more eager at playing piano. There are a few performances of piano by himself left in Youtube. This is the 1st movement of the Moonlight sonata. Wearing eye mask is a homage to his piano teacher, a visually handicapped person.

Whenever we met on the air, we talked on life and music. Each QSO has been memorable to me in fact. It has been a real joy for me to see him on the air. Such chance is eternally lost. I should have visited him in Sedona in our trip 5 years ago. Whenever we met on the air, he always asked me when I would visit Sedona and added the door was always open to me. I sure miss him.

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