On a beautiful fall day

It became fine and crisp today after it had been very wet for the past several weeks.

Cosmos is in full blossom.

While washing clothes and sheets and sunbathing mattresses, I have ventilated the house parents used to live. 

My father used to be a eager reader of books. There are much more books in the storage house here. I find i am reading the same kind of books regarding the modern history of our country, the problem of responsibility of the WWII and so forth. I could not help chuckling at myself knowing that I have got the same interests. It might be a much more serious problem for him since he had been compelled to spend his youth for the war. 

There are a lot of pictures displayed on the wall. My sister used to show them for our old mother suffered from Alzheimer in her last years. Our father passed away in 2004 while mother used to outlive him for 7 years. She has lived in this home alone until 2009 when my brother took her to his home and then to a nursing home in Sendai. A lot of pictures with fond memories. I am cleaning and ventilating the house even though they won't return here of course. 

In a BBS, a certain person asked how we got along with grief losing family members in close relationship. I would have replied to him he should converse with his family members in mind. I don't know if we could see them in person someday. But they are surely living in our mind. Hoping for the day we meet again, even if we are not sure if it comes true or not, we should talk to those we have lost. It will help us to relieve our grief and possibly to maintain our hope to meet them again. 

I am convinced again today I should thank for being alive in this way. 

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