Checking the fact?

Facebook has been busy with the posts on the 1st presidential candidates debate in the US. It is not my own business but is still of concern to us since the leader in the US will be one of the major leaders in the world.

I was concerned about Trump's saying about the financial support to the US military in Japan. He has repeatedly told Japan had not spent any money for the US military stationed in Japan. It is not clearly true. As the host nation support, our country has been spending over 3600 million USD per a year for the US military. The lease fee of the land and other expenses for the bases included, it will rise to 6000 million USD per a year.

He has also mentioned of the financial burden in NATO. He insisted that 70% of the budget is born by the US. I believe it is not correct, either. So far as the internet told, it is about 22% of the total. The rest is spent by the other 27 countries.

I understand the military alliance is not only a matter of financial burden but of the other important matter as the lives of the personnel etc as well. But his statement was not correct yet. The free ride theory of the Japan US Security Treaty by Japan is not correct. I wonder if he and his team won't check the fact before making such an address.

He also recommends us to be armed with nuclear weapons. Our ultra right politicians ruling our country will be pleased to do what he says. It will cause another nightmare. Won't he foresee such an event in the near future?  


  1. Do not be surprised. Trump has proven to be a serial liar most of life, with little regard for the truth or anyone but himself. He is a sad example for our youth. Most of his supporters think this is refreshing! Putting Trump in the White House would be like having the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

    1. I know what you said. It is a question why quite some people are approving him so eagerly. On the other hand, it seems Clinton still has made some corruptions. She has been strongly tied up with the major capitals. DNC has shown cronysm toward Clinton in the presidential primary election. It is a matter of choice for less corrupted one. It is a pity for the US people.

  2. Trump does not know or care to know how much Japan contributes to the US troops stationed there. Unfortunately, a majority of US citizens are ignorant of the US/Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and only know the US has troops in Japan. The average American does not know that all of the US bases are paid for and maintained by the Japanese Government including the salaries of the Japanese people working on them. These are the kind of people who are supporting Trump.

    It is really troubling that nobody in the media or Clinton's campaign has pointed this out. It is also troubling that someone who constantly ignores facts can become a serious candidate for the US Presidency.

    1. You are very correct. I hope they know of this fact and cast their eyes on the situation in Okinawa. Okinawa has been occupied since the end of the WWII by the Military. Okinawans could not go on enduring it any longer. Thanks for the comment. I would appreciate if you would identify yourself in your next comment.

    2. In my opinion, the US keeps too many troops in Okinawa. I think a lot of them could be relocated to Guam without seriously jeopardizing the security of the region. However, other Japanese cities also have the burden of hosting US military bases such as Misawa, Yokota, Yokosuka, Iwakuni, Sasebo and a few smaller stations that are not well known. That is a lot of US military for one country to host.

      I have read that Prime Minister Abe's LDP wants to rewrite the Japanese constitution and eliminate article 9. Trump's words plays right into Abe's strategy and gives him a good argument for eliminating this article because the US is no longer a reliable defense partner. Very disturbing that someone who is seeking the highest office in the US does not recognized that spoken words can have far reaching consequences.

      You asked me to identify myself. My name is Wiley (KD0WW) and I am a prior US military member who lived in Misawa from 1989 to 1993 and again from 1996 to 2000. Currently, I live in Colorado and I am working as a systems engineer. My wife is from Sendai and we visit Tokyo once or twice a year.

    3. Wiley, thanks again for the considerate comment. You know of the situation here very well. Maybe, you have learned it from your stay here for such a long time.

      Abe and his faction of revisionism are aiming to return to the regime before WWII. I am wondering which comes first,the financial collpase or the regime of their idea. It won't be a welcomed sequel whichever may come.

      It seems the presidential election is hard for the ordinary US people to participate. Both of the two major candidates are born from the recent history of neoliberalism in the US. They won't question about the limit of Wall Street economy even though both say they would realize Glass Steagall Act. If it won't make you misunderstand me, I would say the strong America could never be returned. Rather, we should consider how to overcome the problem of greedy capitalism.

      Sorry for expressing my idea. Maybe, someday, we might see each other in Tokyo when you visit there. And let's talk about politics and our future over glasses of beer.

  3. Based on what I've seen in the US and your comments about the Japanese parliament, it appears modern politicians are more interested in governing by ideology instead of by fact or reason. Here in the US money usually plays a big part in the legislative process and what is best for the people or the country is usually not considered. I am not sure what motivates Japanese politicians.

    On the lighter side. I visited Japan back in July and the big news was Masuzoe's spending public money for private use and his vacation house in Yugawara. During this period, my wife and I purchased a mansion in that same city for vacation use. According to the townspeople, I should be able to see Masuzoe's vacation house from there. I took a look and I can see many housed from the mansion. I'll have to ask someone which one is Masuzoe's

    I am enjoying our conversations and look forward to meeting you in person. I believe I'll return to Japan next summer. Hopefully, by then I'll have a Japanese station license and I will bring my Elecraft K2 with me. I think with a magnetic loop antenna I should be able to work a lot of stations on 20 meters and above.

    1. Wiley,

      It is an interesting issue what drives politicians. In Japan, the revisionists are still seeking their own profit or concession. Prime minister Abe is a grandson of former PM Kishi who used to be a bureaucrat in the regime before WWII. Through reviving the prewar regime, those revisionists may get much concession and pride. Rewriting the constitution and suppressing the basic human rights legislated in the present constitution, they would like to get the power to manipulate the people as they want to.

      The other issues are the bureaucracy and the view of neoliberalism in the business and the politics. Maybe, I will describe those issues in other occasions.

      I hope you to get the ticket in Japan next year. You might have fun with it. If you are operating CW as I have been, you might find good company of CW operators in Japan.