A drive to southern Fukushima

Several days ago, when it became very fine after it had been wet for several weeks, I decided to go for a driving tour. At first, I thought to go to the coast area. However, while driving to the coast on a high way, an idea to drive on a route where I used to take my family and mother for driving came up in mind. It was a place I would revisit by any means. Due to its beautiful scenary and the fond memory of that drive with family. It ran from Iwaki to Kooriyama in the southern part of Fukushima prefecture in Abukuma mountains. It might be, however, difficult for those in the overseas to understand what an area it was. Abukuma mountains have ranges of low mountains covering the south eastern corner of Tohoku district. It is about 170km from the north to the south facing to the Pacific Ocean. A few trunk roads run across the area. But only a rail road from south to north. Not much plain area for farming, either. And the old style of lives and towns are still left in the area.

The route I was aiming at was still as it used to be. On a narrow valley, it ran from east to west. It was surrounded with low mountains on the both sides. Of course, since we drove back in '90s, there were some changes there. Most conspicuous thing was the high way almost along this route. Basically, it was still a countryside road with a few houses along it and occasionaly running through old fashioned towns. I forgot taking pictures in this drive, though. Possibly, I indulged myself too much in recalling the drive with family in the past. For substitute, a photo is quoted from Wikipedia here;

The woods have not changed their colors yet. It may take a month or two to have the leaves turn yellow and red. Looking at the beautiful woods, I remembered of a news that told me the soil under the dams around this area had been contaminated with radio active substances due to the nuclear power plant explosion. It reached up to tens thousand of Bq as the news said. They have have been deconaminating the area. It has been done only in the residential area. No way to do with contamination in mountains. The radio active substances are being precipitated in the soil and would go on staying there for decades or even hundreds of years. They would be attenuated only in geometric series fashion. They won't disappear completely forever. The politicians seem to ignore this pollution by themselves which would be delivered to the next generation. Makins excuses, they are restarting the other nuclear power plants. What a shame! I feel not only angry but also sad to recognize this situation.

I still loved the scenes over there. It brings me back to the recent memory of the last drive with family and to something essential to our lives from the old age. On the way back home, I have purchased some apples at a store, which were cropped recently. They said the apples had had some minor scratches on the surface, so that they won't be unsuited for the market. They tasted great, though. Very fragrant and sweet. I liked what they had honestly explained on their products.

It was a solitary drive by myself. Finally, I got soreness on knees while driving. It was still worth going for that area in the very beautiful weather.

The practice of the orchestra at Fukushima university will start in a few weeks. I am looking forward to playing with young students there.

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