Hypocrites' crap

The Cabinet Legislation Bureau has published answer to an inquiry at the Congress regarding possession and use of nuclear weapons today. It says our country could own as well as use nuclear weapons so far as it is smallest in size for self defense.

What a drastic change in the view regarding nuclear weapons! Since our country has experienced the devastating damage with nuclear bombs in two cities during the WWII, our governments as well as the people have strongly opposed to the use of neclear weapons whatever its purpose might be. 

Since the nuclear power generation started in 1950s, they have stored tens tons of plutonium as the product of the nuclear reactor running. Even though the government has denied it, there has been a rumor that the conservative politicians plotted to produce nuclear bombs from the stored plutonium. Officially, they insisted that plutonium would be used in the nuclear fuel recycle scheme. But it has never operated at all. Fuel as MOX could consume only small amount of plutonium. There is a large amount of plutonium stored without any apparent purpose for use.

The rumor that the government would produce nuclear weapons with this plutonium is taking on more reality now. Prime minister Abe seems to adhere to an idea to realize a nation of military power. At the recent G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Hiroshima, they have declared the disarmament of nuclear weapon is mandatory in the world. This statement could not help sounding like crap of hypocrites.

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