A young friend of mine

A young friend of mine has came here to do adjusting the direction of my beam. He is Tomo JP1DJV. A gale has turned it by 135 degrees from the normal direction the other day. I might be able to read the direction from the indicator of the rotator. But I was worrying that it could be turned more by another storm, so that the coaxial cable would be worn out close to the feeding point. By my request to him, he has arranged a few hours in his day off and has come here. Thanks to his quick work, it was returned to the direction as the indicator pointed at. He also checked the bolt/nuts or the other parts of the tower. Finding some corroded bolts or the other parts, he kindly proposed me to exchange them. I have been using this tower for almost 30 years. I thankfully asked him to do so.

Now this old beam will go on working for some time. Tomo used to set a half sloper for 80m for me almost 20 years ago. It is still working fine.  

He is a pretty young guy in his forties. We first knew each other in mid '80s when we were in a DX net on UHF. It was really a fun to chat and exchange information of DX with the gang in real time. Most of them won't be heard on the air. A few were gone SK. Tomo has been pretty active on the radio. Unfortunately, his main activity is on SSB. He has been enthusiastic for antenna production. You may reach his web site where you could see photos of a number of home brew antennas he constructed in the past. He is using 7 element mono Yagi for 20m at present.

He told me it had been difficult for him to find anyone for ragchewing nowadays. Even on SSB. He wonders if he should change the operation style with a smaller antenna now. It seems he spends very busy day at his works. I could not be more thankful to him for his help this time. Tomo just after having finished antenna work at my home. A nice young fellow.  

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