Encounter and farewell

Around midnight today, 20m has opened to entire Europe all of sudden. Some signals were over S9 here. I have been called by Europeans in a row. Among them, there was a G with barefoot with wire antenna. It meant the band was in the best shape.

While I was working a SM3 station, his call reminded me of a guy, Peter, SM3KHN. I have met him on 40m CW in 1983, when he was aboard on a ship as a sailor. He was running 3w or so as SM3KHN/MM. On the way from Singapore to Japan, we have been able to contact regularly. We met at Akihabara, a downtown famous for many electrical item/radio shops those days at least. He was a young fellow. Maybe, in mid 20s of age. I could hardly recall what we had talked etc. We might have had coffee together there.

I have never heard him ever since and have been curious to know how he was getting along. He must be in his mid 50s for now. I only hope he has lived a meaningful life and has been blessed with fine family. If anyone should know of him, please let me know that.

Besides him, I have ever met many hams from overseas as well as Japan here or in Tokyo. Maybe more than 20. Some have gone silent key like Ray WA6IVM and his wife etc. Of course, I am keeping in touch with such as Tommy exWJ6O  W6IJ, Larry exNF6S W4UAT, Mike ZL1BVB, Oh HL4SF, Dick K4XU, Al W1FJ, John 9V1VV, Lee HL2DC and so forth. There are several hams whom I could not get in touch with. Such as Dan N9PI, Ralph W4NIX, Steve AA6IO, Dick K3DI and his wife, Denny WG6P and his wife, Joe AJ2Y and so forth. Sometimes, I could not help remembering of those and wonder how they have been doing.

Wherever we may have encounter to somebody, we always have farewell to the other. That is, we never meet without a parting. But I would keep such encounter as treasure in life.    


  1. Hello Shin. Thank you for this post. I was thinking about this just the other day when I found some old paper logs from about 35 years ago when I first became a ham. I too wondered how they were doing and even if they were still alive. As hams we communicate with and meet so many people. Distance and politics are never a barrier to the art of communication and making friends via amateur radio. With your permission, I would like to re-post this on my blog: n2icz.blogspot.com. TU and 73 de N2ICZ Larry

    1. Thanks for the comment, Larry. You are right. Through communication on ham radio, we could be united over the border or the other barriers like family members. It is my pleasure to have this reposted in your blog. I will visit it later.


    2. Hi Shin. I updated my blog. Thank you again for letting me re-post your thoughts. 73 de N2ICZ Larry.