Health insurance should never be handled by private insurance companies

Recently, a district court has given a decision on a case of "malpractice" brought by an insurance company, AIU, that is, one of the global insurance company under AIG.  It was against a medical school hospital staff that had taken care of an emergency case of accident. AIU insisted that they should have stabilized the patient's neck. That was, as AIU said, why the patient had been caused with the palsy of limbs due to cervial spine injury.

The judgement was an unsuccessful litigation of AIU. It sounded quite reasonable to us engaged in medical service. As the judgement said, the emergency staff should concentrate on the life saving procedures. If there had been anything to be done for the neck stabilization in this case, it was the duty of the ambulance staff taking care of the patient at first. No way to be blamed to the emergency staff at the hospital.

Most surprisingly, it was not the patient but the insurance company who ha sued this case. It is quite an unusual case in our country. The insurance companies like AIU seem to be eager to reduce the insurance benefits. There have been rumors that AIU has caused problems of non payment to the inusured people. 

As I have repeatedly told, the economical principles won't be applied to the health issue because life won't be economically valued properly. People would behave in economically reasonable manner when they have serious health issues. That is why profit seeking insurance companies won't be suitable for health insurance insurer.

AIG should have been, not told to be too big to fail, but bankrupted in Lehman Shock. Their behaviour shown in this event would give evil things in the world.

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