A usual complaint

Fifteen meters was wide open to the whole NA this morning. Checking my signal at various skimmers in the US, it seemed to have reached there with pretty good strength. However, as I always complain of, there was very little activity. I know it might be a complaint of an old timer who have had much fun on the air in the past. The situation is still serious.

I felt I had much less motivated at ham radio recently. I realized it had been because of this lowered activity. Very few do ordinary QSO now. CW has become a mode for contesting and competing in pile ups. It is only a game. We do not know what a person we are talking with at all. We just exchange reports, which are often meaningless 599.

Why not letting me know of what set up they are using? Without knowing that, we could never appreciate the report we get exactly. It depends on the other's set up, especially the antenna. Now we are using various antennas from mobile whip to beams in array. The reports we are exchanging are almost meaningless without the info of the antenna.

Yes, it is my goal or idea to share lives with friends through ham radio, while enjoying the beauty of this mode of CW. But I know it is almost impossible nowadays. They seem to hate to be involved with the others in that way. Shallowest relationship with the others may be most welcomed by them.

What do they think of in the end of their lives seeing a lot of plaques or awards they have got from the game like activities on the radio throughout their lives? Was it worth having lived that way with this hobby spending a lot of time and energy? Yes, it is none of my business. So far, at least, I won't spend my time in that way.

Complaining the same thing as usual, I feel now much better. I just wanted to know how the others felt with our hobby. But it should not be a problem for most of the others. When I feel less motivated, I just should quit. That is all, maybe.


  1. I believe you can contribute some of the lack a activity for your signal to the day of the week. There seems to be three groups of CW operators. One group, that contains you, is a group that draws their satisfaction from conversational CW. The mode that allows you to know and become friends with the other operator. The Second group is the Contest/DX group. I am not talking about the casual contestor/DX Chaser, I am talking about the committed operator to that phase of radio. This group is not even on the radio during periods that don't include some contest, some where in the world. They commit thousands of dollars to contest stations, solely for the weekend (and Wednesday) sport. Then, the last group. May be the largest group. Those that are motivated to participate in a contest, but also enjoy conversations, when not contesting. This group, unfortunately for Group one, is also unavailable on Weekends. The only group available for Group One members on weekends is Group One members. And, as you know, that group is really small by comparison to Groups Two and Three. I know of at least two of us in Group One.

    1. There used to be CW operators who enjoy both contesting and conversation. Conversational QSOs were their bottom line. i have known such people and would like to be myself. In DXing/contesting, communication with others was on its base. Such a tradition is getting lost, I am afraid.

      Even in non contest QSO, they make only stereotypic meaningless pattern only.

      I could not stop complaining of that!! But it must be a modern trend.

  2. Don may be correct, Shin. In Spring season, on Sunday, people are outside or active with their families and friends. Don't give up. 73/88 de N7RQ

    1. Sandy,

      It could be a reason. But on plain week day, for my complaint on low activity, they explain it is due to their work duty. On holiday, they go for outing. So when do they operate radio?! Time consuming style of operation may be out of date. There are other enjoyments like internet etc.

      As told in the reply to Don, I know there are old fashioned hams who love contesting as well as ragchewing. However long they may spend each activity, conversational QSO must be on the base of whole activity. Like honorable AOCC guys.