Dvorak's piano quintet in A major

I don't like Dvorak's works so much. Even though he has been successful at composing very sweet and impressive melodies, his melodies exist in his works as if monophony with the other parts accompaning the melodies. I believe this generally goes to his chamber musics as well as to the symphonies. I would love those with a melody with counterpoints or fugue etc. Such complex structures in music will give us pleasure to listen to them. I feel Dvorak's works are always out of this genre if not all.

This piano quintet is an exception for me. The melodies are so beautiful and well related with each other. The beginning theme by cello could not help fascinating us into the music. Honestly, I listen to this piece while cooking in the kitchen. It makes me feel happy.

The 1st violinist, Lindsay Deutsch, plays this piece as a real virtuoso. Her technique, mind for singing and overwhelming sonority impress us so much. In a sense, her performance is that of solist. But, so far as it is Dvorak's piece they are playing, this style could be accepted and enjoyed.

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