A round table between VK and JA

For the past 2 days, I have met Tim VK3IM on 40m. He is an old friend of mine, whom I have introduced in this blog before. In both QSOs, there was our mutual friend, Lou VK5EEE, joined. A round table between VK and JA. However, both VKs could not hear each other, so that I should relay their messages by myself.

The path between VK and JA has always been very stable. As I told in the other post, I have enjoyed ragchewing with Tim on the way back from Melbourne to Mt. Eliza, his home QTH. He was running old FT101B with a top loaded vertical on the luggage carrier on his van. A bit chirpy but carming CW. We have talked on that good old days. Even though he has been inactive due to health problems, he is getting active on the radio again. Drew VK3XU was kind enough to put up his antenna on the roof. The great ragchewer in VK has resurrected there to my pleasure.

Lou, an ex radio operator, has been active recently. We have run across on 40m for a few times recently. Having known Tim, he was surprised to read about him in this blog and introduced the photo I had uploaded here in his page in QRZ.com. Since both of Tim and Lou have been eager ragchewer, they must have known each other well. They seemed to have been in close touch each other. Unfortunately, Lou has a very low wire antenna and his signal has always been suboptimal for ragchewing at this end. But he is going to put it up higher very soon. It may enable us to have a real round table very soon.

I feel there have been much less CW operators in the pan Pacific area than in the pan Atlantic area now. We, japanese CW operators, should treasure the opportunities to chat with VKs on the stable path. Moreover, Tim is a special friend of mine since we share the common history in our lives.  

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