The path to UK is fully open

Getting up early in the morning today, I started watching 20m. It has given a great opening to both Eu and NA at the same time. The East Eu which is always a wall for us to go over seemed to be skipping. No worry for their endless calls in breach from those in the East Eu. Longer distance was really good. After talking to an old friend of mine, Al W1FJ and a couple of Eus, I have had a nice QSOs with 3 G guys in a row. One of them was old Ron G3KTZ. He might be around 79 years of age. He has had a steady and proficient fist handling the paddle. 

At first, he compared his antennas, a dipole and an end fed wire. No change with either antenna. His set up is a kind of standard in UK, which makes us thrilled to listen to. Fortunately, since the condition was really stable with less noise than usual, it was easy for me to read him.

As the other UK guys told me, he was anxious about the poll they would make in Scottland tomorrow. He told me it would make a mess if they choose the way of independence. The United Kingdom has already had a history since early 17th century. No wonder there could be complex and strong binding between England and Scotland. They question how to separate the social security or the debt of the UK government etc. Ron was not very serious but was rather curious what would go on there.

He was also chasing Nigel G3TXF oerqating as ZD9XF from Tristan de Cunha. It is amazing he was still active in the DX race with his simple set up.

In the end, he wished the nuclear power plant accident would be controlled very soon. I told him it is far from control. Our prime minister has made a big lie. Anyway, I thanked him for his wishes for us.

New England in the US and the north western Eu are difficult places to reach on the radio from here. I am always feeling thrilled to hear signals from either area. G guys always have modest set up as I told. It is always attractive for me to chat with anyone in UK. Fall has fully arrived on the air for now. I would get up early and look for old friends of mine in those areas.    

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