Beef stewed in red wine seasoned with rosemary

It was a special dinner for our daughter's coming home and my wife's birthday. The latter is a week ahead. Anyway, the reason to cook this one is not important. I could get a bulk of beef.  There was a bottle of red wine which we scarcely take. These are reasons enough to start with this recipe.

Pretty good. Though my wife has praised the cooked potato before mentioning of the beef! Anyway, the beef was so tender that once it was in our mouth, it went melted quickly. Red wine has brought something flavorful in the background.

I wonder if I should replace it to simple steak next time when I could get such bulky beef.


  1. The entree looks delightful. Also done nicely in a crock pot or slow cooker, allowing to cook all day while you labor in your garden. Your blog is becoming a chronicle of productions for the the Rusted Iron Chef of Mohka. The house husband recipe book. I am making copies for my file and future use.

    1. I used a pressure cooker. It took me about 30 min to cook it after getting it immersed in the wine for 3 hours. Anyway, your description makes the other readers misunderstand me. I AM JUST COOKING RIGHT AFTER A RECIPE. haha