Rice cooked with chestnut

Fruit such as perssimon or chestnut is not in a good harvest this year. Each fruit is smaller than usual. It may be due to the long lasted rain in this summer.

It is still the time of harvest. We have a pretty big chestnut tree, which was again planted by my father almost 30 years ago. The main trunk is about 30cm in diameter. It bears so many chestnuts that it is hard for us to do with them every fall. I found many chestnuts fallen on the ground today.

I have collected basketfull chestnuts this afternoon. Despite of the small size, each fruit seems well ripened.
What shall I do with them? There won't be any other recipe than rice cooked with chestnut, Rice was cooked with soy sauce, sake, sweetened sake and salt. The rest of chestnuts was stored in refrigerator.


  1. Finally, a rice dish. I have been waiting, through fish, beef and vegetables. I was beginning to worry about your recipe book not containing the very essence of my 30 year career. Thank you for the beautiful exclamation point at the end that part of my life.

    I trust you mentioned to Chiaki at 0900 is a bit late...

    1. Bill,

      I would upload another photo of dish soon. I used to make some kinds of rice dishes in the past. But, since they always featured soy sauce as the basic seasoning, they were basically salty. I decided to avoid further salt intake from the main dish and not to make rice dishes so often.

      What rice dish do you make there? Any recipe of boiled rice mixed with meat and other ingredients etc?

      On behalf of Chiaki, let me excuse about her late hours. She takes an hour or two sleep early in the evening and then gets up playing flute for a couple of hours before going to bed at around 2 or 3AM now. Her hard work and her age may have her live in that way. And it is not 9AM but 7 or, at latest, on occasional holiday, 8AM when she gets up. It is a fact that I always prepare morning salad for her before she gets up. Have I talked too much?

      Sorry for delayed response. I have not noticed your comment ! See you.