Partita No2 by Bach

My daughter usd to practise violin until the end of jr. high. For a practice piece, she was given by her teacher a piece from the Unaccompanied Sonata for Violin No3 by Bach. When she all of sudden started playing that piece at the practice room, I happened  to be there with her. The atmosphere has abruptly changed. Every note of this piece was quite different from the other works. It has struck my mind even though she was not far from perfect with violin at that time yet. Bach's music, whatever it might be, sounds different to me. It was a pleasure for me to listen my daughter playing it before me. No chance for me to listen to her playing Bach since then, though.
Bach has been a special composer to me ever since I got interested in classical music. It expresses a universe itself as well as tender emotion appealing deeply to our mind. There is no single note unnecessary for a music. 
This work, No2 Unaccompanied Partita for Violin, is one of the best musics not only among the other 5 unaccomapnied sonata/partita but also among his all works. The last piece, in the style of Chaconne, is very famous. The other pieces are, however, really great. This music convinces us that there is something valuable shining in our lives even when it seems to have lost its ray of hope.
Harn is a great performer especially for Bach. Needless to mention of her perfect technique with the instrument. She plays Bach in the way it should be. It sounds warm as well. Is it her or Bach who is whispering just close to us? You may listen the composer, through her, breathing  beside you.
This is the piece I would bring with me in my pilgrimage if it comes true.      


  1. Ms. Hahn has great talent at a very young age of only 20 I believe.

    Dennis W0JX

    1. She might be around 30 years, I believe. This photo might be taken when she was younger. She is a cute looking as well as intelligent lady. Please visit her web site. You might enjoy her blog. I have been listening to this music played by Szeryng, another virtuoso decades ago. But Hahn surely plays Bach in modern style. As if she were playing beside me. Very intimate but still glorious.