Morse code sounds like music.

This paper has been found by Atsu JE1TRV.

It may mean the talent in music may help to learn code, even though this research emphasizes it is for lerning foreign languages.

It was amazing to me Morse code is still alive in this way.

Our sense to feel good code like a music doesn't seem to be out of focus.

Let's enjoy good quolity of music on the air.


2013 Spring;126(1):95-104.

Musical experience influences statistical learning of a novel language.


Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, USA. a-shook@northwestern.edu


Musical experience may benefit learning of a new language by increasing the fidelity with which the auditory system encodes sound. In the current study, participants with varying degrees of musical experience were exposed to two statistically defined languages consisting of auditory Morse code sequences that varied in difficulty. We found an advantage for highly skilled musicians, relative to lower-skilled musicians, in learning novel Morse code-based words. Furthermore, in the more difficult learning condition, performance of lower-skilled musicians was mediated by their general cognitive abilities. We suggest that musical experience may improve processing of statistical information and that musicians' enhanced ability to learn statistical probabilities in a novel Morse code language may extend to natural language learning.


  1. It only makes sense that there is a connection between music and morse. I am certainly no expert in music, but it is a series of tones, varying in pitch, volume and timing. A trained musician has the ability to not only decipher these variations, but they are also experienced to transferring them to memory or being able to move from sheet music (written form) to the appropriate sound(s). In morse, you see a more constant pitch and volume, but the timing is the variable. It would seem the same skills would be used for both. According to my layman's definition of music, if you add an unstable VFO and add QSB, you will have all the elements of music.


    1. Don,

      Thanks for the quick comment. Of course, CW is much simpler than music. And this research handles CW as a media to learn foreign language. So my observation or saying is just a simile.

      Good sense of rhythm might be a necessity for good CW operator.

      I am a disproof ot that point, however. haha

      Off to my parttime work now. Joined the pile up for TX5D in vain for 10 min now. No thrill to join such a pile up. No music there.

  2. I often mentioned to you in our Qso's there could easily be a correlation between Morse and music. I know several great local musicians who are good cw ops. One that comes to mind is the famous guitar player of the music group the Eagles, Joe Walsh WB6ACU. There are many others in music bands....

    Steve N6TT

    1. You are right, Steve. Even though there is any evidence for that, we know that by experiences. Unfotunately, I was an exception.