Garden early in the summer

It is already early summer here. Looking back the photo album in the PC taken in the same season, the same thing has seemingly been repeated. At this old age, I still find the garden and the small farm growing in miraculous way. Nothing is the same as in the past years. Or is it only my memory losing the memories in the past? Every morning when I go into the garden being shined by sunray, every plant, vegetable and tree are welcoming me. Shining and vivid.

Despite of a bit of back pain, I have mowed the lawn in the front garden. The rose looked brilliant with that neat lawn on the background.

Peony, gorgeous and lovely, has passed its peak for now.

Tomatoes are growing and bearing some fruits. In a week or two, some of them will be ripe and gratify us on the table.

A few taro plants are finally budding. It has taken a few weeks to have them come out.

This string beans may be another material for salad of hot vegetables soon.

Everything seems wagging around in the same way every year. But nothing is the same as before. I am surprised to see every plants are growing and getting ripened in its own way.

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