Indian lilac coming out

Indian lilac is blooming again. It has started blooming in the end of last month. In my image, it is always flowering in the late summer. It has been deadly hot since last month. That is why it has bloomed earlier than usual.

This again reminds me of my father who used to plant it there about 3
decades ago. Having lived the same length of time as he had here, I fully undersatand what he has thought of and has worried about. I should have sympathized him when he was alive. But it must be the way how people live and die. Soon, I will go into the eternal phase as my father did. Until that time, I am asked how to live for the next generation. 

Seeing this flower coming out in the garden, I again think of such a thing.

Spending a lot of time indoor, though, due to the heat wave. It is a pleasure for me to listen to music and to practise cello for a while.   

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